Northern School of SoundSmiths 2017-2018 Gong SoundSmith training (Chesham, Bucks) – booking available now.

Weekend 2 of 2016-17 Gong SoundSmith Training

If you’ve decided the time is now to become a qualified gong practitioner, our accredited (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) course begins on the weekend of November 25-26 2017.  Included are the following:

  • Five weekends of instruction by qualified and experienced gong practitioners
  • The time to develop your own skills and experience while working through twenty case studies
  • The opportunity to experience and play a wide range of gongs of the highest quality
  • Our students may apply for membership with the IPHM
  • Our students may apply for discounted insurance with Westminister Indemnity
  • Lots more….

For more information, please take a look at the Northern School of SoundSmiths website.

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