One to One Tuition – “Gongs For Yoga Teachers – Introductory” Qualification (Half Day)

This short course offers certification and can be followed by the optional short course entitled Gong For Yoga Teachers – Intermediate

It has been designed for yoga teachers (or others with similar needs) who are interested in learning to play gongs for use in their own yoga classes.

The cost is £200 (requires non-refundable deposit of £50).

No previous experience with musical instruments is necessary.

It’s an introductory short course that focuses on:

  • Fundamental skills and techniques for playing (learning and practicing on a range of the highest quality gongs).
  • Choosing and buying gongs and related equipment (including mallets, flumeys, stands, carry cases, cleaning equipment, etc)
  • Important practical aspects of using gongs at events

It will be an intensive session (around 4 hours when carried out in the one to one format) as there is a lot to cover, but will also be fun and you’ll be surrounded by the sounds and vibrations of gongs throughout.

It is strongly recommended that at least 20 hours of case studies (in which you give one to one gong baths to willing volunteers) are carried out after completion of this one day course and before playing the gongs in a professional environment. This will give you extremely valuable opportunities for experience, practice, and for feedback in a non-paying setting.

The School of SoundSmiths is pleased to be recognised as approved training providers with the IPHM Accreditation Board (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine). Our students may also apply for membership with the IPHM.
If you would like to book this one to one course, please contact Martyn using one of the following methods:
mobile: 07850 955810Thank you.Martyn