Martyn Cawthorne

Hi.  My name is Martyn and I’ve been smitten with musical instruments and with meditation for twenty-five years or so.  These two passions of mine, sound and silence, are forged in the heart of the gongs.

I teach gongs and also give regular gong baths as you can see on my website

From the first time I played the gongs I have always felt a shock as my emotions are opened wide and my mind is carried off by the tide.

I received my qualification as a gong practitioner after a year of fantastic group sessions and invaluable case studies. I’ve been non-stop playing ever since!

Teaching is a pleasure for me, as I love to share in the sense of discovery and to help others attain to new levels of skill and understanding.  I’ve also been teaching bass guitar and maths for years!

My most sincere understanding of life, of  the self, is found in my relationship with sound and silence, and every moment this relationship must be discovered again and again because it is always new. Learning to play gongs is a path of great discovery.

To find the heart of an instrument is to serenade each one with sincerity, with playfulness, with skill and with in-the-moment, feet-on-the-ground love for the qualities which make each one of them unique.

I’ve been playing bass guitar for twenty-five years and I’ve found delight in it every step of the way – my bass has a deep hole in it where my thumb rests!  🙂 Thankfully I haven’t worn any holes in my gongs yet (getting there though!)

I give regular gong baths at home and around Greater Manchester, Cheshire and further afield too.

Hope to meet you one day.

Martyn 🙂