One To One Tuition

If you’re interested in one to one tuition you could choose either:

  1. Informal tuition (keep things free and simple), or
  2. Formal tuition (qualification based).
  1. Informal tuition.  This would not lead to a qualification.  Each session would be:
  • 100% personalised to meet your own requirements
  • Flexible in terms of content as your needs change over time
  • Arranged at mutually convenient times and dates
  • Run from my home in Chorlton, South Manchester (other locations could be considered but would involve extra charges)

2. Formal tuition.  This leads to a qualification upon completion of all units of the course (including case studies, write-ups and investigation)

  • The course is accredited by the IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) and any successful student can apply to become a member of the body.
  • Each student  will be eligible to receive a discount on their practitioner insurance with Westminister Indemnity (details at the bottom of this page)
  • The tuition would be:
    1. Structured around a focused curriculum designed to meet all the needs of a person who wishes to play gongs for members of the public
    2. Spread over a minimum of 5 months (allowing one month between each teaching session for buying equipment, getting to know your instruments, practicing, personal development and case studies).
    3. Based on the completion of 20 case studies – a very important aspect of the course- you will need give 20 one to one or group gong baths and send a write up of each of them to the tutor for feedback.  At least one of the sessions must be given to a group of 3 or more people.
    4. Arranged at a mutually convenient time and date
    5. Run from my home in Chorlton, South Manchester (other options would be considered but would involve extra charges)
    6. Focused on the following main themes:
      • Playing technique (beginner, intermediate and advanced)
      • Practicing and receiving as much feedback as required
      • Equipment (including gongs, stands, mallets, complimentary instruments, manufacturers, suppliers, etc)
      • Caring for your clientele
      • Giving one to one sessions (and related positions) and group gong baths
      • Investigating an aspect of personal interest related to gongs (for feedback to tutor)
      • History and manufacture of gongs
      • Playing with others
      • Marketing and publicity
      • Health and safety
      • Preparing each student so that they will feel confident, competent and ready to go into the world of playing gongs on their own terms

Part 1 – History and manufacture of gongs; equipment, manufacturers, suppliers; initial skills development; effects of gongs

Action Point after completion of Part 1– If you don’t yet have one, you should now buy a gong and become familiar with it before Part 2, and begin reading suitable online material or books (suggested during Part 1)

Part 2 – Preparing for case studies; one to one gong baths; intermediate skills development; client positions; roles of a gong player; self-assessment; related topics (harmonics, brain waves); the significance of the body in playing

Action Point after completion of Part 2 – Begin case studies and write-ups and continue reading suitable online material or books and begin working on own investigation topic.

Part 3 – Advanced skills development; skills and tips for group gong baths; working with yoga classes; meditation and playing; fluency in the language of music; habits of mind and the application of intelligences; bookings, payments, advertising, promotion, websites, flyers, social networking, etc

Action Point – Continue with case studies, continue with investigation into own topic and if you haven’t already, arrange and give a group gong bath (at least 3 people attending).

Part 4 – Using complimentary instruments; skills for giving a gong bath with a fellow gong player; give tutor a gong bath for constructive feedback; creating an approach for self-assessment; Q&A; puja information; personal investigation/research feedback

Action Point – If not already finished, complete case studies.

Part 5 – Giving a group gong bath with tutor observing

This is an opportunity for the tutor to give you constructive feedback about all aspects of giving the gong bath (from advertising through to waving goodbye to your clientele and packing up the car).  This will be arranged at a location not too far away from the tutor’s home so as not to require excessive travelling time! 🙂


Click the link below to make arrangements for insurance whether you’re still studying or you’ve already gained your SoundSmith qualification.

Insurance with Westminster Indemnity


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