Introduction to Playing Gongs Workshop – Equinox Afternoon

If you’ve ever laid down through a gong bath and wondered how the sounds are made, this is an opportunity for you to find out.  An afternoon in which you get to play the gongs! And on Spring Equinox no less 🙂

Workshop – Introduction to Playing Gongs –

Spring Equinox Afternoon

The workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the sounds of the gongs and have the opportunity to play them and learn some beginner level skills.

It’s on Sunday 20th March from 1:00-5:00pm and costs £45.  It also serves as a great opportunity to see if you’d like the ‘Gong SoundSmiths’ accredited full practitioner course beginning in April 2016.  

equipment room
Equipment room at iYoga

It will be held at iYoga in Heaton Mersey.  It’s a lovely yoga space, ideal for gongs, and a regular venue for one of my gong baths.  It has a kitchen, toilets, lots of equipment to use (mats, blankets and pillows) and is heated throughout.  The full address is iYoga, Winsor House, Bettersea Road, Heaton Mersey, Stockport, SK4 3EA.  As you turn onto Battersea Road it is immediately on the right and there are 50 free car parking spaces around the back (including around the back of the film studio and cafe).

The tutors on the course are both qualified gong practitioners with plenty of experience and are fully insured.

The main tutor on the course will be Martyn Cawthorne, who is also a qualified teacher (taught maths in college for 8 years), and has been a musician (including playing at festivals) for 25 years.   Martyn is a lover of sounds, silence and sharing and can’t wait to share his love of playing gongs with you.


A long time meditator, Martyn is smitten with the power of going inwards to transform one’s life.  He feels that the gongs are a calling to relax, to open up and let go, and that they are as a guide through your inner landscape, giving you opportunity after opportunity to silently go into yourself and witness the creative process in the depths of the moment whilst protected by the womb-like majesty of the gongs’ sounds and vibrations.


Steph Healy
Steph Healy

Steph Healey will also be tutoring and offering her experience as a gong practitioner.  Her main practice is in North Wales.  In 2014, she also qualified through the United Spiritual Healers as an Energy Healer, following a two year course, in which she gained knowlege and understanding of energy healing. She is an active member of the Healing Wheel, which meets on a weekly basis in Bangor.   She is a very lovely person with a big heart and tonnes to offer 🙂  She will also be bringing a lovely collection of gongs to share with us 🙂


Introduction – we will meet, introduce ourselves and have an opportunity for a quick Q&A.

iyoga 18.1.16
A gong bath at iYoga

Gong Bath – you will make a comfy ‘nest’ for yourself and experience a full 45-50 minute gong bath as played by the tutor(s).

Break – a short break is always nice after a gong bath 🙂 A good opportunity for a wee and a cup of green tea 🙂

Regroup – we’ll get together to share the experiences you had during the gong bath and to talk a little about gongs, where they’re from and how they do what they do.

Totoro the little wind gong 🙂

Demonstration and Practice – the tutor speak about creating a respectful gong space, and will then demonstrate methods for bringing out a basic ‘droning sound’ from the gong; building that sound up such that tones and harmonics build atop one another; bringing the sounds back down with skill and grace; using more than one mallet at a time in different locations on the gong to develop the lower and higher frequencies in their own right.  In between each of these demonstrations, you will have the opportunity to practice them on the gongs, try out different gongs and see how they differ, and see how different striking patterns and differently weighted mallets make a difference to the sounds.  And you can have a try at producing the sounds so often refereed to as ‘haunting whale sounds’ from the gongs using flumes. 🙂

Break – a quick break for some more tea and a biscuit or some such (I’ll bring something along to munch on…. maybe we all could, but nothing much or else we’ll all explode).

Serafina the Oetken Sound Creation Earth Gong

One big play together – we will play a very simple group piece in which together we rise and fall, and then each person will have an opportunity to take the lead while the others hold a steady supporting drone.

A final share – before going home we regroup for one final chat together, and an opportunity to express our feelings about the day 🙂


MOB: 07850 955810