Introduction To Gongs Workshop

Workshop – Introduction to Gongs

This is a one day introductory workshop (10am – 4pm).  It is suitable for anyone who wants to spend the day immersed in the sounds of the gongs and have the opportunity to play them and learn some beginner level skills.  Dates and prices to follow……


Introduction – we will meet, introduce ourselves and have an opportunity for a quick Q&A.

Gong Bath – you will make a ‘nest’ for yourself for comfort and experience a full 45-50 minute gong bath as played by the tutor(s).

Break – a short break is always nice after a gong bath 🙂

Regroup – we’ll get together to share the experiences you had during the gong bath and to talk a little about gongs, where they’re from and how they do what they do.

Technique Demonstration – the tutor will demonstrate a simple method for bringing out the basic ‘droning’ sound from the gong.

Your turn to play – we’ll learn how to create a respectful gong space, and then you’ll be able to try the method you’ve just learned, and try it on different gongs and see how the sounds differ.

Lunch – if everyone can bring something to share then we can all enjoy a little something new and have a nice conversation over lunch

Technique Demonstration – the tutor will demonstrate a simple method to build the sounds up, developing level after level of tones, overtones and harmonics, and then how to bring it back down.

Your turn to play some more – you will have the opportunity to try out building the sounds of the gongs up and letting them down on your choice of gongs and with your choice of mallets.

Technique Demonstration – the tutor will demonstrate how to use two mallets at once in order to bring out deeper and higher frequencies together to build more developed sounds.

Your turn to play some more – you will have the opportunity to try out using two mallets on a gong, experiencing through experimentation the various different ways the gongs respond to differently weighted mallets, and different striking patterns.

One big play together – we will play a very simple group piece in which together we rise and fall, and then each person will have an opportunity to take the lead while the others hold a steady supporting drone.

A final share – before going home we’ll regroup for one final share, and an opportunity to express your feelings about the day 🙂


MOB: 07850 955810