“Gongs for Yoga Teachers – Intermediate” Qualification (One Day)

This short course offers certification and is ideal as a follow up to the short course entitled Gongs For Yoga Teachers – Introductory
The cost is £200 (non-refundable deposit of £50 required).
It will give you a guided opportunity to develop your skill base for playing more skillfully, more beautifully and with more care. It will also provide some useful and informative knowledge around the topic of gongs and how they work.
This short course, in a group environment, will take one day
Here is a basic overview of what to expect:
Gong bath structures
Seamless transitions, spacing and dynamic balance
• Patterned play and flowing body
• Playing in swells and waves
• Using complimentary instruments
• Theory – harmonics
• Theory – brainwaves
• Client care
The School of SoundSmiths is pleased to be recognised as approved training providers with the IPHM Accreditation Board (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine). Our students may also apply for membership with the IPHM.
If you would like to book, or find out about dates for this course please contact Martyn using one of the following methods:
email: schoolofsoundsmiths@gmail.com
mobile: 07850 955810Thank you.Martyn