Gong SoundSmith (full length certified course) held in Chesham, Buckinghamshire 2016-2017

Gong SoundSmith (full length certified course) – held in Chesham, Buckinghamshire 2016-2017

Graduates of this course will be fully qualified (internationally) to give gong baths to individuals and groups, and will be able to acquire insurance as sound therapists.  The School of SoundSmiths is pleased to be recognised as approved training providers with the IPHM Accreditation Board (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine). Our students may also apply for membership with the IPHM, and for discounted insurance (student or qualified) with Westminister Indemnity (details below).

The course involves 20 case studies and 4 training weekends, with one optional extra weekend including complimentary instruments, toning and mantras, pairs gong baths and graduation .  You will also carry out an investigation into a gong-related topic of your choice, the results of which you will share by informal presentation with the rest of the group before the end of the course.  Finally, you will also give the rest of the group a short gong bath such that you have the opportunity to benefit from their feedback.

  • The date of the weekends are as follows:
    • Part 1: November 12-13, 2016
    • Part 2: January 14-15, 2017
    • Part 3: March 11-12, 2017
    • Part 4: May 13-14, 2017
    • Optional weekend: 16-17 September, 2017
  • Each of the weekends will follow these timings:
    • Saturday: teaching from 2pm-6pm, with an hour of free play from 6pm-7pm
    • Sunday: teaching from 10am-6pm including one hour for lunch – it would be great if everyone brought some vegetarian food to share 🙂
  • The case studies are to be arranged by you, in your own time,  but the qualification will not be awarded until all case studies are complete and all sessions have been attended.
  • If you should miss one of the group weekends you’ll need to attend its equivalent the next time the course is run, before your qualification can be given to you. The entire course must be paid for including the session you miss, but there will be no extra charge for attending the equivalent session the following year.
  • The case studies are an important part of the course as they are an opportunity for you to encounter many different real life scenarios, work with many different people, and to be personally affected by the gongs over an extended period of time, thus developing a good understanding of the effects they may have on your clients.  If you have not completed the case studies by the end date, but have attended all other parts of the course, you will receive a certificate of attendance at the end date, followed by your full certificate of qualification once the case studies have been completed.
  • It is recommended that (if you don’t already own a gong) you wait until after Part 1 of the course before buying one.  There you will have the opportunity to try many gongs, and also to learn a lot about them, their manufacturers, different styles, different uses, etc.

Who is the course suitable for?

This course is suitable for beginners or for those with previous experience playing gongs who would like to broaden their skill sets, deepen their relationship with the gongs and become fully qualified to work in the field.

Where will it be held?

  • All of the group weekends will be held at The Guide Hut, Bury Lane, Lowndes Park, Chesham, HP5 1HL
  • Here are some useful landmarks for directions….. Bury Lane is just off of Church Street once you turn onto Bury Lane (which is next to St Mary’s Church), drive to the end of Bury Lane and turn left into the park, drive up just past the Church and the Guide Hut is on the right hand side, (if you reach the bowling green you have gone too far).  There is a limited amount of parking available at the venue, either directly outside, or in the gated car park area.

The course is non-residential but for those who need somewhere to stay, please contact Sam on sam_hyder@hotmail.co.uk or 07787 291529 – she can provide you with some suggestions.

Course Outline, Dates and Costs

Part 1 – History and effects of gongs; equipment; initial skills development

November 12-13, 2016.  £175.  A non-refundable deposit of £50 is required to secure your place on the training and this is to accompany your booking form.  The balance of £125 for part 1 will be due at least two weeks before the start of the course.  Payments on the day are by prior arrangement only – please contact us.

Action Point after completion of Part 1– If you don’t yet have one, you should now buy a gong and become familiar with it before Part 2, and begin reading suitable online material or books (suggested during Part 1). Also consider a topic you’d like to investigate throughout the duration of the course and clear it with your tutor.  You will then share your findings  with the group before the end of the course by means of an informal presentation.  In order to make this interesting for yourself and the rest of the group, you should choose a topic that is of interest to you.

Part 2 – Preparing for case studies; one to one gong baths; intermediate skills development; client positions; related topics (energy work, harmonics, brain waves, etc)

January 14-15, 2017 – £175 (please complete the payment at least two weeks before the event date – or pay on the day by prior arrangement).

Action Point after completion of Part 2 – Begin case studies and write-ups and continue reading suitable online material or books and working on own topic

Part 3 – Advanced skills development; skills and tips for group gong baths; working with yoga classes; bookings, payments, advertising, promotion, websites, flyers, social networking, etc

March 11-12, 2017 – £175 (please complete the payment at least two weeks before the event date – or pay on the day by prior arrangement).

Action Point – Continue with case studies, continue with investigation into own topic and if you haven’t already, arrange and give a group gong bath (at least 3 people attending)

Part 4 – Individual gong baths (20 mins per person) for observation and feedback by group; skills sharing; sharing of flyers and other promotion ideas; informal topic presentations (not more than 15 mins per person)

May 13-14, 2017 – £175 (please complete the payment at least two weeks before the event date – or pay on the day by prior arrangement).

Action Point – If not already finished, complete case studies.

Optional Extra – Weekend Group Session focusing primarily on complimentary instruments (such as crystal bowls, singing bowls, harmonium, rattles, shakers, bells, wah-wah tubes, shamanic drums, etc) toning and mantra;  also mini-puja, pairs gong bath and final graduation.

16-17 September, 2017 – £175 (please complete the payment at least two weeks before the event date – or pay on the day by prior arrangement).

Making Payments

Click the link below for the booking form.  Once completed, please send to Sam Hyder with non-refundable deposit of £50 as per details on the form.  Thanks.

Gong Soundsmith Training Booking Form


Click the link below to make arrangements for insurance whether you’re still studying or you’ve already gained your SoundSmith qualification.

Insurance with Westminster Indemnity  



MOB: 07787 291529

EMAIL: sam_hyder@hotmail.co.uk