Patricia Carlota

I am a certified Gong Practitioner with a background in the arts sector. I have been awarded a Master in Arts, and my professional explorations include co-founding a theatre company, co-organising participatory arts projects in the field of mental health and wellbeing, and working as a Stilt Walker.Patrizia Carlota

I have always been very drawn to Holistic Practices, the mechanisms of the brain, and interested in cultivating my creative spiritual potential.  I have been practicing kundalini yoga, meditation and visualisation since 2010.  During the same year I began to explore Educational Kinesiology by taking a Foundation Course in Brain Gym.  Most recently I added to my practices Tai Chi and Chi Kung.

My journey with sound started as long ago as I can remember. I have always been fascinated with rhythm, exquisite and mundane sounds, and life’s soundscape.  However, in 2012 sound became a priority, and I began to research sound as a concept.  I started studying how sound is generated, and understood that sound is a vibration, that it affects us at cellular level, and that we are surrounded by and are vibration.

Throughout my research I became interested in the intersection between sound and wellbeing.  I was introduced to the Gong and instantly felt an exceptional bond.  Everything made perfect sense … something just ‘clicked’ with an ‘ahhh’ moment, like I had found a solution to a puzzle, or the way out of a maze.  Everything stayed still, radiant and beating at the same rhythm.  I knew then, and still know now that this connection is and will always be part of me.

I received my Gong Practitioner certificate from the College of Sound Healing in Devon, training with Sheila Whitaker.  After my training, I continued my professional development (workshops with Don Conreaux, Tone of Life, and Jonathan Goldman), and started working professionally as SonicSoul.  I facilitate Gong Bath sessions privately and at various venues in London and Brighton, and am looking forward to sharing my passion with you.