Lara Cockayne

I have always been interested in alternative therapies and my journey started many years ago.lara-kneeling-gong
I used to practice in the martial art of Judo and this has had an impact on my future practices and led me on the path in 2000 to find Yoga. After 10 years, I decided I wanted to take my yoga practice deeper and learn more about the philosophy, so embarked on a teacher training course. I never intended to actually teach! So here I am 6 years later holding yoga classes! As if one course was not enough I also decided in the same year to train as a reflexologist! This was my favourite treatment,( when time and funds permitted) and I could feel the benefits, so decided I would like to be able to help other people in this way, as a non invasive therapy,
Before the yoga and reflexology, I had also had my Reiki 1 attuments, as I came across this therapy and found it fascinating how it worked and could make a difference to people. I had the initial attunments to help my two then young sons as an alternative to medication and also to help when injuries occurred (as they were and still are keen rugby players) and I am now a Reiki master.
So through these practices and therapies, attending workshops and fares and festivals I  came across the gongs! What a joy! The effect and impact they had on me was amazing! After a gong bath I felt like I had just been plugged into the electrics and recharged and boom was completely re-energized! And so began my love of the gongs and once you’ve one gong bath they become addictive! After several years of attending gong baths when I could, I knew I wanted to train with these amazing, transformational instruments. After checking out various courses and waiting for the right time for me, I finally trained with Sheila Whittaker in 2015 and became a gong practitioner. I now have the joy of playing with these beauties and sharing their amazing sounds by holding gong baths for other people. I don’t like to call it work, as it’s a joy to join forces with them and take them out to others so they can feel the effects and benefits. I am now the proud owner of six stunning gongs – believe me they become addictive to own and play. The gongs work with you and you with them. People become gong junkies! I  frequently take one of my smaller gongs with me into my yoga classes – if I don’t my class gets most upset – the gong has really become part of the yoga session to them. I also host gong baths in different areas, and yoga and gong workshops.  The gongs can change your life – they did mine!
All the therapies I work with including the gongs are all about balancing our energy and setting our bodies on their journey to self healing.