Jane Blackburn

My name is Jane Blackburn  I am a gong practitioner, and lover of all things ‘gong’.Jane Blackburn

I was first introduced to the Gong through my love and study of Kundalini yoga.  After my first exposure to the sounds of the gong, I knew instantly this was a path that my soul should follow.

I was warned it could get addictive and it did.  I met and played with some truly wonderful players, and now, a few years on, I have completed my Gong Practitioner training and own a collection of 7 gongs and a full set of Chakra crystal healing bowls.

I hold group gong baths around the Northwest and offer private sessions in my home.  The healing and relaxation people get after a Gong Bath never fails to delight me and although not always credited, it’s amazing how peoples’ lives begin to change after a couple of sessions.  You don’t have to understand it, I can’t tell you how it really works but I know it does. I see the evidence on people’s faces and the buzz I get out of playing is incomparable to anything else I do.